May 22, 2007

Fireside meeting

It is freezing outside, the wind is howling, there is snow close by and yet we were as snug as a bug. Its was a wonderful Tuesday meet today, sitting in front of a log fire, warming our toes while we stitched away and chattered and laughed together. I just wish everyone could have been with us. There is no more cosy a picture than a log fire enjoyed by friends.


Lana said...

Lynda! I love reading about your seasons and weather ~ especially when it's late spring here and the temp is supposed to get up to 87 today!
Stay warm and cozy,

Lana said...

It's me again Lynda. Please visit my blog ~ you have been tagged ~ just a teeny tiny one...


CARole said...

Lynda, my husband and I love fires in our winter months. we make one every night and many times have our dinner by it.