Jan 26, 2008

I've been tagged!

by Sue of Rabbit Hollow Prims
I now have to tell you 5 things about myself -ok,mmmmmmmm
1. I still bite my nails, mainly when watching a movie.
2. I'm an early riser, around 3am. Its the time I do most of my crafting.
3. I love a walk in the garden with my two doggies as the sun comes up.
4. I really can't decide whether i prefer primitive to victoriana, so enjoy both mmmmmmmmmmm like the french look too, country as well -aaah well why not all of it!!
5. Never use a pattern in my crafting, prefer to add lib and see how things turn out.

Now to tag five folk
Sue of collector of Crafts -you need to get that blog going
Jennifer of The old painted cottage -I have only discovered your blog and i love it!
Lisa of Crafty Ladye Creations - hope this helps you towards your 100th!
Trudy of Bits of Wool -good to see ou are posting again.
Niki of nostalgia at the Stone House -another newly discovered and wonderful blog.

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