Feb 24, 2008

Nature's Garden

Don't you just love it when nature makes its own garden! Our garden is almost all nature- made on account of the solid rock we have. For years I tried to create my own version of a garden and in the end let nature have its way. I am so happy I did as its always a surprise in the mornings when I walk around the garden, one never knows what new things one will see, and the birds think so too!
This morning I took some photos to share with you of our nature's garden.

A delicate maidenhair fern growing on the old stone steps.

A secret pathway amongst the wild salvia, a pathway that is often a playground for the dogs.

A hanging basket nest left for us to enjoy by one of the many birds.

A fallen nest displayed artistically on a wooden potting shelf.

A delightfully pink delicate flower with many buds soon to open.
Isn't nature wonderful!


Lone pierette said...

Hi Lynda - you have a wonderful blog and these photoes are really great !


Lana said...

Nature's gardens are the best, aren't they? These are the kinds of gardens my Mom and I loved to visit. Thanks for sharing Lynda.

Suzanne said...

Lynda~ thank you for sharing....we still have snow, so seeing a little green, as well as a bloom is a treat!

Sylvia Anderson said...

They're lovely Lynda!! My favorite is the wee little nest...so sweet. :)