Feb 5, 2009

No, no, no she cried..........

You can't possibly want more fabric. Well that's what I told myself on my recent "just looking" trip with my friend, Sue. What happened?? I couldn't resist and came home with a bagfull of fabric, wonderul textures and colours that conjured up all sorts of things to make. Of course it didn't stop there, i had to add meters of ribbon and it was just as well we ran out of time, (or was it money LOL) otherwise who knows what would have been next.

I love these trips with my friends, who are so wickedly inspirational, it makes for a most satisfying day.

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Dawnie said...

ohhh very pretty colors! i so miss creating things. i'm diggin out my machine within the next day or two and i have an idea to make for my little body care business. i'll be making one of these trips soon to the fabric store.