Jul 3, 2007

A tisket, A tasket, a little basket!

I love baskets, all shapes and sizes but in particular the unusual or older ones. Hubby often asks why I need another basket when I have so many, well my answer is cause all my baskets are full!
I was amazed to see so many for sale on ebay and at quite reasonable prices too, now if I only lived close enough to buy them, that would be heaven. Unfortunately the postage would probably be way more than the basket iteself, so I have to content myself to looking around locally. Here is a small part of my collection, I will show you the wire ones I have in another post.


Mrs. G said...

um, I have a serious love affair with baskets, too...I just bought 2 more at the thrift store yesterday :)

Sylvia Anderson said...

You have a wonderful basket collection!! I don't have any room for baskets, but I sure like looking at them when I see them....esp. the old ones!

Lana said...

I love baskets too Lynda! You have a nice collection.