Sep 3, 2007

Farmers Fare

This weeks theme for our saturday fair is "Farmers Fare".
Here are two of my new items, a bunch of carrots and a mini pocket of potatoes.
I am so enjoying the challenge of doing something new each week, it has motivated me once more to create for the sake of creating, without having to stay with one type/style. So far with our new concept (Anne and I) we have done, nostalgic vintage -pretty 'n pinks, country kitchen- coppers, red's and blues, garden settings, sunflowers and pumpkins and this next one farmers fare. Besides the above I have barrels of strawberries, (sheep, pigs and cows still in the making). What is great is that Anne and I work separately, we just do our own thing within the theme, yet our stuff blends in well. The response from visitors has been encouraging, even if they just come along to see what's new for that week.

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