Dec 24, 2008

Berry Smoothie -Christmas Morn

This is how we started our Christmas morning, with a berry smoothie served in tall long glasses.
I love smoothies and make them up nearly every day.
I never follow recipes, normally made up of whatever fruit I have at hand, but thought I would share how I made this one.
In the blender jug throw in
a handful of fresh or frozen blackberries
a handful of strawberries
half a papaya,
two bananas
a cup of clear apple juice
six or so ice cubes and little cold water.
blend until well mixed and pour into tall glasses. .... mmmm .... delicious.
Here is our Christmas menu:
Hot smoked salmon with lemon dressing served with rocket and shredded beets
Roast honey and mustard gammon
Roast cranberry/port glazed chicken with cranberry stuffing
Mixed platter of roasted veggies - sweet potatoes, butternut, red, yellow and red sweet peppers, mushrooms, baby marrows, french beans and julienne carrots in fresh rosemary and olive oil.
Hot Christmas Pudding with brandy sauce
Lemon swirl cheesecake
All served with a good wine.


Karen said...

Your dinner menu sounds like something out of a magazine delicious and very traditional.
We make smoothies often as well with what's on hand...we have our grandchildren asking for them when they come over now!
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Karen

Vera said...

The smoothie sounds good but we eat the bad stuff for breakfast.I ate with my daughter and she had homemade biscuits, gravy, bacon, sausage, fried apples, fried potatoes and eggs.yuuuuum.