Mar 29, 2009

Collecting Collections

How many of you out there collect different things? It's said that having more than two of similar items starts a collection. Well then I am surrounded by my collections of all sorts and so I decided to share with you some of the things I collect.

Today its shoes, not the ones you wear but miniatures and shoe trees.

Here are a few miniatures shoes which I may eventually turn into pin cushion or something similar and an enamel jug of shoe trees. Oh by the way I collect enamelware too, will have to show that later.


Karen said...

Morning Lynda,
What an interesting collection.
I think the miniatures are darling and they will make such cute pin cushions/keeps.

Lynn Guinn said...

I have many collections too! I try to stop but it is no use.
It gets me into trouble now and then. Last summer I collected several Starbucks mugs that I gathered all over China and Japan, making my suitcase very heavy.
I enjoy your blog!

Freshly Found said...

This looks familiar! I have quite a large collection of shoe trees! They are packed away at the oment, but I am giving some thought to how I can creatively display them!