Mar 14, 2009

March Madness -3rd Give-Away

Its the 3rd weekly give-away in my March Madness Month.

This week its something for all those who love miniatures - two handmade rose hairbands and two rose posies, all made in silk ribbons and wire. These are perfect to embellish a miniature bear or doll (will fit a 3inch-4inch) or use in your scrapping. Perfect for a spring or Eastery look.

Just leave a comment to this post, make sure I can get your email and your name goes into the draw. Click on picture for a close-up view.


Bettina Groh said...

I'm first!! Hooray! I'm currently working on a little minibear so this is fortuitous! Please pick me to be the winner this time!

Karen said...

How very beautiful!
I have one little doll and a sweet little bear who's wearing a Chennile sweater of just these colors....oh how adorable with these would look perched atop of their heads!
Hugs, Karen

jenny said...

wow how sweet add me in on this thanks

jenny said...

im also following you now too and well i also found a way to get your blog page sent to me by mail feedblitz has a page where you can do this at so well it works for me since i found out here not to long ago that if you use your feed button to much it can run down your p.c. and make it run slow

Sher said...

I've got something special for you over at my OldTimeMe blog!

cpullum said...

Wow I am new here count me in!