Mar 11, 2008


I love this season, love everything about it. I think its mostly the promise of cooler weather, the relief from that exhausting humidity that comes with our summer and the memories it brings back to mind.
I love the rich colours nature uses to paint her way, the madness of the March winds, the falling leaves. I remember as a child running though the newly gathered piles of leaves, that crunching sound under ones feet, the earthy scents, as leaves went flying. I remember toasting marshmellows on the end of long sticks and watching as the flames from burning leaves melted the sticky sweetness.
Its a season that really inspires me in my crafting, I could do "autumn" all year long!

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Lana said...

Lynda ~ I love fall too! It is my favorite season, for many of things that you described ~ other than it coming in March for you and September for me. It's always nice to be on the group with you and hear you talk of fall and winter when we are having spring and summer here in the states.

Your paper bunny doll is adorable!