Jun 20, 2007

Bathed in Sunshine

Today my little corner was just bathed in sunshine.I love earthy colours, but shades of lavender and pink always make me cheerful. Its such a refreshing blend of nature,a touch of spring, a gentle summer. I feel a verse starting here;
"Oh give me a touch of the gentlest pink,
Mix in a splattering of lavender,
How refreshing of nature to serve such a drink
For the eye, with a stir in a blender."


Sylvia Anderson said...

It's a lovely little corner you've made for yourself....so peaceful! I wish I had a corner like that myself...enjoy yours! :)

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Oh I just love your little corner! Such a nice little get away spot...love all your textures as well! Toni

CARole said...

Seems you are enjoying your little table and chairs. That's so nice.