Sep 22, 2009

A New beginning

Well its great excitement all round as Thursday 1st October draws closer - the official opening of my new store front shop, Marcella~Mia. You can read all about it on my new blog, Marcella~Mia.

Sep 2, 2009

Gone to Soon!

This title reminds me of that beautiful song by Michael Jackson. Its so true, I can't believe August had come and gone! I had good intentions of posting on my blog, at least once.
Well spring has arrived and perhaps I will be inspired once again to blog. Winter seem to have taken all the stuffing out of me.
I had my son and daughter-in-law visitng for a month. They did a fair bit of travelling the country side and took some spectacular photos.
A close-up of a giraffe and zebra at Tala and lion at Shamwari.
My daughter and DIL on one of their many walks along the beautiful beaches in the Eastern Cape and a lovely rock pool seen along the way.