Jan 28, 2009

Valentine give-away -Love bug ............

Love Bug Needle Keeper.

Everyone's a winner in my valentive give-away.

Would you like the pattern and instructions on how to make my love bug needle keeper?

All you have to do is leave a comment to this post together with your email and I will email you back the full pattern and instructions. This is an easy pattern but makes a great gift for your loved ones who enjoy sewing or someone who just needs a place to keep those extra needles.

This Valentine give-away will run until Saturday 14th February.

Myrtle tree

I love the Australian myrtle tree, the fruit and flowers are so attractive. These trees grow to a fair size but can be kept as a hedge or topiary as I have done here in the picture. I have two of these in lovely old large pots. The fruit is slightly bitter to taste but can be made into a lovely jam. The pompom flowers are great for displaying in a large vase.

Jan 21, 2009

Do you ever..............

get the feeling that you just need to create a particular piece -- you know that feeling that won't go away until you do it! Well while working on my valentine theme, "Love is filled with summer sweetness", a theme of hearts and summer ripened strawberries, I just got the urge to create a cushion, using mixed media. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to create, but not the final vision until I was paging through a magazine and saw this strawberry cheesecake. I knew straight away that it had to be in my cushion and so "Pleasure in Progress" was created. I had such fun putting this together.

Jan 19, 2009

Have a Break

This year I had decided to make all my gifts for friends and family, from the gift itself to the wrapping and cards. I know its an ambitious thought especially as the year wears on, but I am going to try my hardest to keep it up.

Here is my first gift, its for a friend who loves anything small, adores cats and loves the natural back to basic, earthy look.

The gift is four tiny hand made pottery dishes, ideal as individual butter/sauce/relish/pate dishes. For the wrapping, I took a piece of old hessian and roughly sewed it with old jute to make a sack, gathering up the top to tie. the card is made from plaid cotton fabric on the front and dark check tapestry on the back. I broke a small frame in half, and aged it with burnt umber oil paint. (the broken frame went with the saying.) I cut "Have a whale of a break" out from a magazine, and added this around the frame. (My dear friend 's life is always so hectic) Inside I put a picture of a sleeping cat and added the words "Eight more lives". I finished off the front with two vintage press studs and burnt umber here and there to age.

At the back of the card I added a gift voucher from my shoppe.

I have so enjoyed putting this together, now to start on the next one!

Jan 16, 2009

Granny's Cottage Shoppe

Will have an Valentine Open House on Thursday 12th February.

Pop over to my other blog, Granny's Cottage Shoppe to read more about it..

Jan 14, 2009

Garden corners

Its been a while since I posted, computor was down but all back to normal now!

Today I spent a wonderful time with a friend who is a keen and expert gardener. I so wanted to do up the area around my Granny's Cottage Shoppe but didn't know what to do, so ~Judy and I spent a morning scouring the nurseries for just the right plants.

We came home with a truck full of glorious colours and spent most of the afternoon preparing pots and planting. Still lots of work to do but at least a start was made.

Here are two corners, my quiet corner and my colourful trough. All my pot planters have been standing empty for over 30 years and have matured just perfectly with moss and natural ageing, the look I so love!