Mar 28, 2007

Basket on the Make

I am busy with my next basket. I love doing these, its easy, fun, quick and sells well here. What more could a person ask for! This one has just been decoupaged so you can still see the white glaze which will dry clear.I get these from a local chap who sits and weaves the basket from a local grass. I then paint with acylic paint and when dry decorate in some way, normally decoupage, sometimes frost on top with crushed glass, gives it a misty look, christmas ones have added 3D snow, some are aged and crackled, others have lace, some have ribbon woven in, some I add beads, others little felted ornies .......... there is just so much one can do. I sometimes paint the inside as well or add a cotton lining (which this one is going to have). They make great shopping bags, bags to display (with dried flowers inside). Once the glaze is dry i will age the edges.

Mar 26, 2007

Pumpkin Pins

These were little bear head pumpkin pins I made in 2006. I love autumn, it inspires me so much, the colours, smells, and sights. Pumpkin and strawberries are two of my favourite items to create and each year I try to turn them into orginal pieces. I can't wait to start on this years pumpkin shapes.

A Whimsical Prim

One of my very first primsical pieces I created was my pumpkin-head doll. I just loved making her, from making my own clay, sculpting her head and sewing her body. Everything about her was just so "out the box" for me, right down to her wire twisted arms and "leaf" hands. Her vintage veil hat finished it off. I used a picture of her head as my logo. This one was a keeper and I still get a lump in my throat when I see her sitting in her chair. Perhpas I feel this way cause she was my first in many ways, sculpting, making clay and definitely "out the box".

Mar 25, 2007

Little Corners

Being fairly new to prim, although I have loved the look for years, my home has little corners of prim displays rather than an entire room. I hope to eventually change our exisiting furniture to a more prim look but for now I have to content myself with my little corners.

Here is one of my favourite bear sculptures, Director Bear, now retired, a large heavy piece by Anna Kabouke. I loved her range of characters and only wish I had kept a few more pieces when I had the agency. Director Bear is standing with his pigs, the large one is hand carved in wood, the others are paper mache and painted.

Mar 24, 2007

Old Sewing things

I love old sewing notions and am always on the look out for something different. I was so excited the day I found this wonderful old sewing machine. This one is a Willcox and Gibbs from 1894.

Mar 21, 2007

A touch of Spring

Here is my latest make-do, a touch of spring.

Out of the darkness of winter, comes the first signs of spring. I made this bird out of old hessian, painted it black, then brown, then sanded in places to give it an old look. It is stuffed with old wool , wears two rusty bells around his neck, his eyes are rusty stars and his wings coiled rusty wire. He is attached to an old wooden candlestick with jute which I have painted. The touch of green wool tied around the candlestick brings the first sign of Spring.
For Sale: enquire about price in your currency

Needle felting

I belong to a wonderful group of artists, The Primitive Artisans Guild. Here is the link if you'd like to take a look, its worth it.

Today we have a new category in this group -needle felting, a craft after my own heart.

About four and a half years ago, I introduced needle felting to South Africa and have since taught this wonderful craft all around the country. Its amazing how this old technique can be used in just about any other craft today.

Here is one of my favourite pieces I did, mother and baby panda, both fully jointed.


I love sheep, there is something about these animals that pull at my heartstirngs.

I have a small collection of sheep as I only collect old or unusual ones and its not so easy to find these and have added a few I have made.

These wonderful sheep tags have been embroidered on wool for my shop by my prim friend, they are really great to add to any prim creation. Displayed with these tags are three of my hand carved wooden sheep.
Sheep Tags for sale: enquire about price in your currency

Mar 19, 2007

Monday Madness

It is howling outside, the wind hasn't stopped since Sunday early morning. Tree branches and leaves are strewn everywhere but I am thankful there is no major damage.
Its a day I want to create something wild, wild like the wind. I'm not sure yet but will see what evolves, it will definitely be a one-of-a-kind.

On a more calmer note, I have to get going with my eastery things, it just hasn't hit me yet what I want to make, besides Cornelia Carson. I know what I want to make for Christmas, perhpas that's the problem , I can't get those thoughts out my mind. Here is a picture of some of last year's Easter items.

Mar 17, 2007

Sherlock -a true gentleman

Sherlock, our other four legged child, is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He is the most gentle of characters I have ever come across and is so tolerant of Jessies rough ways. He adores her! He is the nanny of Peter Pan, trying to protect all those he loves. He is typical male, a child at heart. He has a box fill of his toys, knows each one by name and enjoys bringing them to you to play. A most beautiful, adorable furry friend to all.

Scallywag?? how come

In December 1999, when I started making bears, my first one reminded me of a litttle scallywag, a racally chap who got up to all sorts of mischievious doings and so my name, Scallywag Bears, evolved. Little did I know I would soon inherit a real scallywag, alias Jessie, a cross one-of-a-kind terrier. Jessie has been called a bush pig, an australian terrier and italian terrier, amongst many other names. She changes like a chamelion, her shape goes from soft and cuddly to a stocky, on the alert toughie. Jessie has so much character and definitely rules the roost.

Here she is on a windy day doing her favrouite thing-hunting!

Cornelia Carson -a wabbit of whim

Cornelia Carson, a wabbit of whim.I have finally finished my wabbit for 2007 and his outfit.Cornelia is Italian for rabbit and Carson is my hubby's grans surname -a wabbit made on a whim.He is made in a lovely vintage pile and i pondered over whether to dress him or not. His little outfit, knitted with size 19 needles, very tiny, is removable to show his fluffy tail. I have combined needle felting and sewing. He is five way jointed, arms, legs and head moves, he has an embroidered nose and mouth, waxed whiskers, velvet foot pads and little black eyes, enhanced by a little air brushing. Cornelia Carson stands 5 inches tall and is off to gather his eggs for Easter.

Easter Display

I was inspired by a friend to make this Easter centre peice for my table. It all sits in a huge wonderful old wooden bowl. I lined the base of the bowl with coir, put in some real blown eggs that have been speckle painted, two sitting feathered hens, my lovely mohair prim bunny and added some of my dries from last winter. Just thought it may inspire you too.

Mar 15, 2007

Start of the Season

Its a beautiful day here, the morning is crisp and cool with a clear blue sky. I love this time of year, the end of a long hot humid summer, makes our autumn just so pleasant. Everywhere is still green from the rain, its too early in the season to be touched by autumn's hand and yet I can't wait for my world to turn golden.Today I have added a picture of my little shop, its part of the deck before we enclosed it to make a store room. Its also a time for chickens, eggs and fowls.