Apr 20, 2007

Gone too Soon.

I often think of that song title by Michael Jackson, although not a fan of his, this song struck home. How quickly things come and go, good things seldom last forever and certainly time does not stand still -yes "gone to soon" fits into my life very easily.

This week has flown by, I feel I haven't achieved anything I had set out to do, yet I suppose if I sat and wrote down all that has happened, it would fill a page.

I have made a start on my first penny rug, well its a penny rug wall hanging. I am enjoying it though progress is slow and being one of those who needs to finish an item before I can start anything else, I just want to get it done now. I have all these ideas tumbling around in my mind, bursting to get out. I thought writing them down would help but its only made me more impatient to try them out. That is something I need to develope more of -patience, not of others but of myself. I need to pace myself more when creating. Gone are the days when I would sit five to eight hours without a break, eventually emerging from my workroom, bent, unable to straighten up, but so excited to have completed a creation from start to finish. It was too much for my health. Now I sit no more than an hour at a stretch, walking the doggies in between or seeing to the many household chores and shopping. I still try to create every day, and many times into the night as well, but on a smaller scale.

Well hopefully this penny rug wall hanging will be completed in a day or two and I will post a picture as soon as its done.

In the meantime here is a beautiful scene to share with you, its a picture we took on a trip to the berg.

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