Apr 25, 2007

What Bliss!

What bliss:
I am sitting outside on our deck, it’s a beautiful day, clear blue sky, gentle warmth from an autumn sun, the trees are hardly nodding their heads, they too are just enjoying the moment of stillness. The only sound breaking the silence now and then is the call of the wild birds. Little manikins have come to feed, although twittering excitedly; they are sitting in a neat row, heads bobbing up and down while gathering food. The Marico Sunbirds are out in their gorgeous colours, iridescent scarlet band across their chest, contrasting with the metallic greenish-blue of their heads, they are truly one of nature’s beauty. The Blackheaded Oriole was early this morning; his fluty song could be heard above all. Flycatchers and woodpeckers dart in and out joined by the many weavers, laughing doves and forktailed Drongo’s.
I have a lovely CD playing in the background, it’s a flute arrangement by an old Chinese group, I am sure its beautiful sound has called to the birds for there are more than normal at one given time. Even the dogs are at peace, Jessie basking in the sun, (she is a sun worshipper), Sherlock resting under my table. How fortunate we are to enjoy such a beautiful world!

Here is a picture of a Tipuanatipu tree that has the Queen of the Night growing all over it. How it remains support is beyond me as the "Tipu" tree is quite a brittle tree and branches break off regularly. The Queen of the Night took 30 odd years to produce its first flower and then the flower only lasts for the night. Its a big pale yellow protea type flower, really beautiful.

Two new items painted and ready for my shop, tin milk can and tin watering can.

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