Apr 12, 2007

Paper Creations

Thank goodness the bees left without too much fuss. On a group I belong to, the conversation got onto paper creations. I love working in this medium and turning flat white plain ol' paper into a 3D creation. One of the best ways i have found to preserve your paper creation is to give it a coat of shellac where possible. Stitching the paper together gives it a great finish, you can stuff parts to make them 3D, add embellishments, dress them up in fabric and other papers, in fact wherever your imagination takes you.
Here are some samples of paper creations I have done. These were simple paper creations, old music sheet, mica flakes and rusty bells

This one is done by printing a picture of a face, with hat and heart ruffle. I added vintage tinsel around the ruffle and painted the back of the head/ruffle where necessary. I printed an extra hat to glue on the back of front of hat, so the back view looked complete. I then made an armature of the body/arms/legs using chenille stems and glued this to the head. Finally made a skirt and sleeves using crepe paper and painted hearts on it. I stuffed the shirt slightly. I glued printed shoes to the ends of legs.

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