Apr 16, 2007

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I love walking through our bottom acre, its untamed and in its natural vegetation bar for the trees we have planted. The dogs love it, its like an adventure everytime we go there. Jessie rushes off, her strong hunting instincts start from the moment we are through the gate. Every stone, tuft of grass is inspected, eyes alert, body square and tail stiff, not much gets pass her attention. Sherlock strolls around inspecting his terriority like a true Scottish gentleman, ears up, nose in the air, cheeks puffing. I just amble on, taking in all the beauty of the valley below, its like another world. I love it!
I count my blessings every day! and try to enjoy them too, you know the saying, "stop to smell the flowers", well I try to stop every day on our walk and admire this beautiful world we live in. The sounds and sights change constantly. If one stands still, one can hear the tropical birds housed down in the valley, their cry for food as they are at their hungriest, the bells ringing in the little Lutherian church, the trafiic flow, distant dogs barking, even on a still clear day, folks talking, you can't hear what they say but you can hear the sounds, clip clopping of horses going for their early morning exercises, the resident wild guinea fowls just in that bush below, the birds of prey circling above, never mind all the other wild birds. It as if you are on top of the world. Its almost a 360 degree view.


Bettina said...

where is this?

Scallywags Scribbles said...

Its the bottom half of my garden in South Africa.

Doreen said...

Lynda. What a beautiful view you have...how wonderful to live where you live. :) Thanks for sharing


Bettina said...

Thanks for telling me WHERE!! It looks marvelous!

Lana said...

Lynda, you know I have always loved to see and hear about your home and surroundings. Please keep sharing!
Take Care & God Bless,