Apr 27, 2007

Tips for Ageing

My favourite tip for ageing is burnt umber. I love this stuff and use it on most of my pieces.
Place a little on a cloth and using your finger under the cloth, gently rub burnt umber in places to age, especially around edges and corners. I use it on paper, cloth, wood, clay well anything and everything.
Another thing I use frequently is shellac. Shellac is basically used for french polishing but makes a great ageing medium as well. Shellac is mixed with methelated spirits and the liquid can then be applied to paper, wood, fabrics, clay. Be sure you have done all you need to do on fabric like stitching etc before adding shellac as item will get quite hard.
To make great aged tags, paint your paper with one coat shellac, let dry completely, then write your wording once dry. Shellac on paper gives it a lovely almost waxy feel and your paper won't tear as easily.

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