Aug 1, 2007

Birds in the Garden

I have been trying to catch our abundance of wild birds on camera, but with my little digital, its not so easy. I just can't get close enough and when I am close enough, I don't have my camera, murphy's law! So until my son comes in December with his sophisticated zoom lens camera, I will just have to be content with the snaps I do take.
Hubby made me two new bird feeders, just simple large platforms, for the amount of birds who try to eat at once is great and these fancy birfeeders just don't satistfy them enough.
The little mannekins are the sweetest , most perfect miniature bird, one wants to hold and cuddly them. They come in numbers, and I suppose because of their size always huddle together when eating. Weavers are more daring and noisy at that, but I still find them fascinating in their business. The sunbids are our midday birds, they love it if I have the sprinkler on, the male with his irridescent colours is just such a picture of natures wonder.
For now I have to content myself with a picture of mannekins, if you take a closer look you can see then on the branches of the tree and one in the water bowl.
More about out birdlife later.

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Mrs. G said...

why those are clever little bird feeders :)