Aug 15, 2007

Coffee anyone?

Today I found this cute enamel coffee pot and milk pan, and it goes so well with the mini enamel mugs I had already. Hubby and I sat down this evening and enjoyed our first pot of coffee in this set. It bought back memories of my childhood, life on the farm. We always had a pot of coffee bubbling away on the coal stove, that aroma filtering through the farmhouse, giving it a warm inviting homely feel. There were always huge mason jars of freshly baked rusks to enjoy with the coffee, of course as children we were allowed to dunk our rusks if no visitors were present. Ahh..... the memories, I just love enamelware!


Bettina Groh said...

Just a quick note to tell you that the postcards ( from the giveaway) arrived today!
They are delightful and everything shown on them is just different enough from the US and Canada to make them extra interesting... a window into an earlier time. My husband was fascinated too!
Thank you so much, Bettina Groh

Sylvia Anderson said...

Those are some really nice pieces you have! I have a couple of pieces myself, and I love the feel of enamelware, and all of the colors too!