Jun 25, 2007

Greeting card Prints of antique paintings.

Since I was a little girl, many many years ago, I have collected cards, paper and stationery. I spent the weekend sorting through the many trunks and boxes and have put aside a few of these to sell.
Here are the first ones on offer.
These are beautiful greeting cards, prints of antique paintings, published by Alan Hutchison Ltd. Each card measure 3.5inches x 5.5 inches, and has the title and name of the original artist and year at the back.
First is a Still Life (detail) Simon Verelst (1644-1721) Rafael Valls Gallery.Three available.
Second, another Still Life (detail) Henriette ronner-Knip (1821-1909) Bridgeman Art Library-two available
Third is Goats in a Farmyard (detail)Edgar Hunt (1876-1955) Christie's Images -Two available
Fourth is Poultry and Doves (detail)Edgar Hunt (1876-1955) Christie's images One available
and Fifth is Poultry in the Garden of a Mansion (detail) Jacob Bogdani ((1660-1724) Christie's Images - Two available
All cards are blank inside and are $2 each plus postage.

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