Jul 24, 2007

OLd Locks

I love locks and keys, from great big skeleton ones to tiny delicate keys. Locks and keys conjure up all sorts of stories in my mind, what lay beyond the doors they opened. I have a small collection and am always on the look out for any interesting bits. I try to use the locks and keys in my decorating, hanging them on cupboard doors. While tiding up a few shelves in my office I re-discovered one of my favourite locks still in its box. Made in holland, this lock is heavy and would have been used on one of those old huge doors of some museum, well that's the picture I have in mind.


Sylvia Anderson said...

Love the old lock Lynda! I too have a collection of old locks and keys...a lot of rusty ones too. They have so much history I think, and a story to tell us.

The Secrets on the Inside: Inspiring the Young Adult Spirit out of Depression said...

Hi lynda I love the picture of the old lock I am wondering if you sell any pictures of it or if I could use it in a program i am doing?
Regards kellie

Scallywags Scribbles said...

Hi Kellie,
I could not find an email addy to reply to you.