Aug 10, 2007

Saturday Farmers Market

Its saturday again and another day to spend at the local farmers market. I love doing this show, its a combination of stalls with wonderful fresh produce, great food, and craft stands (that's where I come in). Folks come in their hundreds and bring along their dogs too. I still can't work out who numbers more, folks or their dogs. There is every breed of dog one could think of, and all so beautifully sociable, mothers meeting their offspring, weekly friends greeting, I just love watching it all. The great part about this weekly show is that is over by 10.30am (We start at 5.30am)
Our craft side is usually busy as well and tomorrow I will have a touch of Spring and a little Autumnia. I'm one of those who needs to do a pre-run display the night before, so here is my touch of spring with lavendery items, pincushions, bath salts,
hand cremes, tapestry scatter cushions, sewing tins and a few other items. Not shown are the shades of lavender throws, hand made bags which will be hung on a stand.
Now I had better go and do my autumnal display and hopefully have time to take a picture of that too.

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