Apr 13, 2008

Pumpkin Pincushion.

Want to know how I made my mini pumpkin pincushions using a bottle top:-
well read on.
What you need.
A bottle top
Wool fabric or other suitable
Hot glue gun
Glue stick
Stuffing (polyfil)
Strong thread & Needle
Small button.

Cut a circle three times larger in diameter than bottle top. You will also need another small bit for circle at bottom of pincushion.
My top is 3cm and circle 9cm.
Grab a piece of stuffing large enough to make a ball so that it overflows when placed inside the top. Roll stuffing up into a ball, holding loose ends together.
Glue inside of top and push stuffing in with loose ends first. Pack stuffing in as much as you can.
Get your fabric circle, place top upside down in centre of circle.
To fold fabric over top imagine you would divide fabric circle into four equal parts.
Holding top down firmly, glue a little bit on top of bottle top. Pull first ¼ of fabric up and glue down. Now work on the opposite side and glue down 2nd quarter. Then repeat for 3rd and fourth. You should now have fabric attached to top with four corners left. Now work on your corners. Take each corner one at a time, flatten and glue, making sure fabric is pulled as much as possible.
Next step is to neaten by covering all joins with a small circle of fabric.
Thread you needle, make a good knot and starting in centre of pumpkin make eight segments. To make a segment, go in through centre and out with your needle as far down side of pincushion as possible. Then take a teeny tiny stitch and come right out near bottom of pincushion. Now bring thread up and back to centre and start again dividing pumpkin into eight segments. End thread in centre with double stitch.
Glue small button to centre and add a few pins and your pumpkin pincushion is completed.
Add green leaves, vine.
Make a garland of pumpkins.
Make a whole bunch and fill a bowl to display.
Make a pumpkin for each of your friends who visit though the autumn season.

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