Aug 10, 2008

Inside Out- Gift Wrapping

I love taking time to look for gifts for friends and family, trying to find that something special and personal for each one. As well as finding the gift,I love spending time on wrapping gifts.
Here are some items for you to collect to wrap your gifts.
Look for old bits of jewellery, bling is just as good.
Keep a box of bits of ribbons in as many colors and and textures as you can find.
Buttons are also great to add.
Sparkly bits of thread, broken strings of beads are perfect.
Wrapping papers
Ready made tags, used or new
Jute, string and cords
Lace is always useful and decorative
Here are some pictures of gifts I have recently wrapped for friends.

A close up of the blue/cream paper.
I used a bit of old cream lace and a broken strand of pearls to tie in with the old look of the wrappping paper. I love those little butterfly clips, they are great to hold the message tag.

This one is in greens and off white roses. Inside is a lovely bone china mug covered in white gardenias.Instead of putting the little tea bag holder inside with the mug, I have added it to the outside to add to the wrapping decor. A little silvery wide ribbon, some paper ribbon done in two colours, a sprinkle of silver thread, and a butterfly clip to hold the message tag.

This one is done in pinks to match the pink rose covered mug inside. This is for a younger person so I chose some fun pink paper, added paper ribbon in two shades, some sparkle thread and a lovely piece of bright pink with silver sequence wide ribbon and my little butterfly clip in bright pink to hold the message tag.

I would love to see how you wrap your gifts, care to share?


Gayle said...

Wow! All your gifts are so beautiful! I don't see how anyone receiving them could bear to open them up! LOL After reading your post, I remembered seeing an article in the new issue of Create & Decorate about a gift wrapping contest with $10,000 prize money. I really think you should look in to it! Here's the website with information:

Scallywags Scribbles said...

Thank you Gayle, kind of you to send the link.

andsewon said...

Oh my word.. I would love to just keep the box unopened!!!!
Maybe you need to just cover the boxes to be able to just pull tops off. ha!!!

Kudzu said...

I love you gift wraps :D Did you ever get some new ideas from your readers? Your blog came up in a search for how to gift wrap. I had an idea to make a post on my blog about great gift wrapping ideas and have seen some very beautiful and ingenious ideas!