Sep 20, 2008

Robin's Wreath

Last spring, our family of Cape Robin-Chats made their nest in a watering-can hanging up on my log cabin shop. This spring they have chosen the wreath that hangs by our front door. I made this wreath about two years ago and it has sat by the front alcove to welcome in our visitors. The robins have built their nest right in the middle, its a lovely deep nest and unless you step right up and look right down on it, you cannot see the mother with her two eggs.
Here are two pictures, one a close-up. We are so lucky to be able to once again enjoy their activies at such close quarters.

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Marilyn in NM said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the robin's eggs in the wreath. We have lots of Virginia Creeper in our yard and I love to use it to make wreaths for all seasons.
Love your blog.