Jan 14, 2009

Garden corners

Its been a while since I posted, computor was down but all back to normal now!

Today I spent a wonderful time with a friend who is a keen and expert gardener. I so wanted to do up the area around my Granny's Cottage Shoppe but didn't know what to do, so ~Judy and I spent a morning scouring the nurseries for just the right plants.

We came home with a truck full of glorious colours and spent most of the afternoon preparing pots and planting. Still lots of work to do but at least a start was made.

Here are two corners, my quiet corner and my colourful trough. All my pot planters have been standing empty for over 30 years and have matured just perfectly with moss and natural ageing, the look I so love!

1 comment:

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Linda, your flowers are so pretty - good choices.
Not sure but are the pink ones Impatience?