Jan 11, 2010

New Years Spring Clean

errrrr. ........... should I say summer clean. It's been sweltering hot here with all the rain we have had! Anyhow its that time of year when I always feel the need to "sort things out" - that is move things from one place to another. First it was the spare bedroom which now became the dinningroom with the old blues from the kitchen and the kitchen got a facelift with the reds from the lounge. Well its a long story and not quite finished yet but a least a start has been made.
Then my office which was a bedroom came into it and somehow every room in the house got involved and in between all of this the craft stuff needed sorting so buttons and ribbons have now been done. mmmmmmmmmmmm the year will end before I'm done!


My Colonial Home said...

Evening Lynda,
Been awhile since I have been out blogging - way too many things going on here.

I love your collections - sounds like all the room in your home got different names and or decor.
Show us your entire rooms sometime...PLEASE!

Happy New Year Lynda.


Unknown said...

Lovely dislays Lynda,
The red and white is very eye catching.Don't overdo it in this heat.