Jan 1, 2011

New Year

Wishing all a wonderful 2011, hope all your dreams come true!

Hubby and I have been busy with a new bookshelf, something we have needed to do for a while now to house the many new books. so we needed to move the old bookshelf to accomodate the new and in doing so all the books had to be taken out. It has been a wonderful activity, rediscovering some of the books and treasures tucked in between.
One of the items was a piece of wrapping paper of nursery rhymes with animals, kept for scanning one day to turn into the many crafting ideas that are constantly drifting around in my mind. Unfortuanately the paper has become quite soiled but I did manage to scan in parts of it.
Here are three pictures for you to enjoy, Little Miss Muffet, My Pretty Maid and Sing a Song of Sixpence. I hope to scan more in later. These images were done by Molly Brett.

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