Apr 21, 2007

Caroli Workshop -Carol De Wet

Saturday dawned bright and clear, it was the day of our special workshop in memory of our dear friend, Carol De Wet who recently passed away. Carol was the most positive person we have ever met and despite her battle with cancer over the past two and half years, she attended every club meeting and workshop since she joined us. One of her favourite bears she made was Tripoli, a special workshop bear I had designed to bring the members closer together. The workshop is called "And together they made a bear". Each person was given the same fabric (mohair) and pattern. We worked on the head first and completed these. The heads were then passed to the person on the left who attached their bear body part. This was once again passed to the person on the left who attached their bear leg parts and so on until the bear was totally finished. Each person was then given the bear back with their original head and had been made by all who attended. It is a wonderful workshop, bringing friends together, conversation is always hilarious and fun and Carol absolutely loved this. She had planned to attend this workshop with us on Sat 21st April and so in memory of our dear friend we named this bear "Caroli".


Rita said...

Hi Lynda: I signed up for google so I could comment on your blog. Just love reading about your beautiful home and land and your creativity. This workshop in honor of your friend is such a wonderful idea. What a tribute. I have lost two sisters-in-law to cancer in the past year. Love to you--Rita in USA

Scallywags Scribbles said...

Thank you Rita, i appreciate your time and kind comments

Moz Linder said...

thank you to the ladies who did this.
huge smile and appreciation.
love what you've done.

shaun (carol's son)