May 19, 2007


I love old jewellery, especially marcasite. It reminds me of my mother and my gran. As a child when we were feeling poorly, we were allowed to "play" with the jewellery box. This box was a blue padded empty chocolate box with a blue tassel. Inside was my mum's collection of jewellery, bits and pieces, mostly no longer worn, bits from her mum, many were marcasite. These were my favourite, their sparkle and intricate patterns fascinated me, they always looked so "rich" and I could imagine the ladies who would have worn them to fancy tea and dinner parties.
Today's Marcasite is inspired by the late Victorian era and early Edwardian/Art Noveau period.
Above is one of my first peices or Marcasite, with a mother of pearl watch face.

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sheila from life @ #17 said...

I love marcasite, too :) I have a few large beautiful pins that I love to wear for special days...and I'm always hoping to stumble across another beautiful one to add to my collection :)
thanks for dropping by :)

and now I'm off to look at all of your beautiful creations...I'm getting the hankering to "make" things...dolls of all things...I don't know a young girl I never even liked most dolls!