May 18, 2007

Wanderings and Pincushions

Its been a while since my last Wednesday Wander or treasure hunting. On my recent trip, I found some wonderful bases for pincushions and can't wait to get started on these.

I just love pincushions and have quite a collection now. I have been reading up a little history on pincushions, did you know that the first "pins" were sharp thorns and fish and animal bones?

They were generally kept in a case made of soft animal skin.

Pin-stuck pincushions were the rage from the 17th century and were more decorative than useful. Their decoration was made up entirely of pins and the pins could not be removed without spoiling the pattern of the decoration. These held great social significance and were used in courting, marriage and maternity.

Here are some of my earlier pincushions which have found homes all over the world.

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Lana Manis said...

You know how I love pincushions! I really enjoyed seeing some of yours ~ I think I remember a few of them?