Dec 9, 2007

Bird nesting sequel

Spring/summer is such an exciting time in the garden, the birds are really busy.
The sequel to our robin story is the bulbuls nesting. Right outside our front door, we have two Australian myrtle topiaries and in the centre of one of these a pair of bulbuls decided to make their nest. Their nest is a very exposed one, unlike the robin's hidden deep inside the watering can, and we wondered how well it would stand up to the summer elements of strong wind and fierce storms.
Well we needn't have worried for soon there was "the chick", well fed and ready to take its first flight. The parents hung around all morning, issuing warning calls when our dogs walked too closely past the topiary. The little chick, flapped its wings and stretched while surveying its new world from the safety of the nest and then it was ready for its first flight. I didn't think something like this would give so much pleasure to watch, it is wonderful!
The parents came back and forth for a few days for more tasty cheese bits and then one day brought along the fledgling. It didn't take him/her long to catch on to where this tasty morsel came from and now as well as robins sitting on our window sill we have three bulbuls, mother, father and baby. Oh and never mind the many weavers that try to get a bite too.
Must just add the robins are very tame and virtually eat out of one's hand, the bulbuls are a little more hesitant and wait for us to withdraw to a safe distance, but all, robins, bulbuls and weavers respond to our special whistle.

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