Mar 5, 2008

Sum bunny loves you!

Here is a quick little gift to make for Easter. This little pocket pillow is part of my "Sum Bunny Loves You" range I am making for Easter workshops.
Here is what I did: Cut two pieces of fabric for pillow,(mine is pink with off white spots) you can cut it any size you want,square or rectangle. My one is a 8inch square allowing 1/2 inch for seams.
Cut a piece of fabric for outside pocket the same length as your pillow piece but about 2/3rd of its width, so mine is 8 inches by 6 inches. (green floral) Cut another piece of fabric the same size as this for lining.(solid green)
Make your pocket first by placing right sides together and sew along one length (8" side). Open out pocket and fold with wrong sides together. Press along your seam with your finger to flatten. If you are going to add a trim, do so now, I sewed on a small pink ric rac. You could also just sew a stitch line.This helps to prevent end from curling.
Now place your pocket in position on one pillow piece, lining of pocket on right side of pillow piece. It should reach from side to side of pillow and about 2/3rd up from bottom. Line up all edges. This is important as you want to catch pocket in your pillow seams as you sew. Place the other pillow piece on top of this with right sides facing pocket top. Pin all in place. Sew your 1/2 inch seam all the way around leaving a small opening about 3 inches in centre of top of pillow. Turn pillow right side out pushing all seams out flat, especially corners. Stuff pillow and close seam opening with a ladder stitch. This may sound long but its really easy and quick to make.
Place a little bunny in pocket, you can add an easter egg or two as well.
Will try and post on making bunny soon.
Hope you enjoy this, these pillow pockets are great gift givers and can be used for all sorts of events, friendship pillow, mothers' day and more.
If you do make a pocket pillow I would love to see pictures.


S Stargell Designs said...

I just love this little pillow idea. I think I will make one for each of my girls for Easter. Lynda, you are so creative!! Thanks for sharing!


Kathie said...

I love this little pillow. I hope you add a how to on the bunny too, he has the cutest face!