Nov 25, 2008

From That to This............

I love taking something that one would normally throw away, and turning it into something one can use.

Here is my Santa Cone............. this is what i did.

I used the inside cone from an overlocker sewing thread, you know those ones one would normally throw away once the thread is finished. I took a page of vintage sheet music and covered the cone. Next I separated the layers of a serviette. I cut out the picture (in this case, Santa) from the top layer and carefully decoupaged this onto the music covered cone. While still wet I sprinkled a little vintage glass glitter. Once dry (and a hairdryer comes in handy here) I sanded any rough spots (joint of music sheet) with a fine sand paper. I then oiled the paper with Burnt umber and burnt sienna, gradually aging it by rubbing the oil paint in gently. I then covered the top and bottom openings of the cone with a round of burgundy felt and finished with a trim of jute (which I aged as well with the oil paints) I finally sprayed all with a matt sealer.

These decorations make great ornament to add to a corner, surrounded by some greenery, berries and a matchless tea-light or add a thread to hang on your tree or turn into a Christmas candlestick and add a matchless tea light on top.

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