Dec 30, 2008

Thirty Two years back...............

Yesterday my daughter and I went off to our marine world, USharka Land, at the beach front.

It was a beautiful day full of memories. We were both very emotional at the Dolphin show as Gambit , a 36 year old dolphin was the first to entertain us. This very same dolphin, together with his late partner, Purdey, took my daughter around the pool in a boat as a treat for her 4th birthday, 32 years ago. It was just so emotional to see this beautiful creature as we had both not been to the show again since that day. To add to this wonderful day, one could have a photo taken with the dolphins and I asked, after telling the organizers our story if we could have Gambit out but they were apologetic and said it would be the younger dolphins. Anyhow my daughter went along to be photographed and low and behold it was Gambit who came out. My daughter just burst into tears. Gambit is now a proud grandfather and father of five.


My Colonial Home said...

Awwww Linda, I jut got goosebumps reading this...HOW WONDERFUL FOR THE BOTH OF YOU!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to yo and your family Linda.
Bless you all.
Hugs, Karen

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

This looks wonderful! I'm glad you had such a precious time! HOpe you have a wonderful New Year's Day!