Dec 31, 2008


Happy New Year and the best for 2009!

My daughter, Jayne, a friend Judy and I spent the last day of 2008 meandering through our midlands, gentle valleys and rolling hills with beautiful places and shops to see and delightful spots to replenish the body.

Above is a photo of Culamoya Chimes, a magical place to fill the mind and soul with its beauty and sounds.

If you would like to enjoy with us some of the lovely places we visited here is the link to our meandering.


Dawn Marie said...

very peaceful and beautiful pictures and places to wander. those chimes would keep me mesmerized for a long time..I love chimes, each spring i add a new set of them outside in my yard.

My Colonial Home said...

Linda how beautiful.
Thanks for sharing these with all of us.

WillowLakeScents said...

This is a beautiful picture !

Come over to my blog to see your award !