Feb 2, 2009

February -a month of love

Yes its February already and yes the air is filled with love. February being Valentine month, certainly puts the world into the mood - adverts a-plenty, movies, shop displays and so on.

One can't help but feel that love is in the air.

I am busy preparing for my Valentine open house on Thursday 12th Feb. and Saturday 14th.

It will be the first open house at Granny's Cottage Shoppe and there is still much preparation to do with rooms for bedroom, bathroom, lounge, dinning and kitchen displays and the outside garden to sort out. I can see it all taking shape, even though its slow progress but am happy and sure my mum would have been too. This was mum's home, hence the name Granny's Cottage Shoppe. I hope to get lots of pictures up soon but for now if you haven't already visited my Granny's Cottage shoppe blog, just click on the link to take you there.

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Tommie Jo said...

Sounds like fun~I hope to check out the sale! Make lots of $...