Mar 17, 2007

Cornelia Carson -a wabbit of whim

Cornelia Carson, a wabbit of whim.I have finally finished my wabbit for 2007 and his outfit.Cornelia is Italian for rabbit and Carson is my hubby's grans surname -a wabbit made on a whim.He is made in a lovely vintage pile and i pondered over whether to dress him or not. His little outfit, knitted with size 19 needles, very tiny, is removable to show his fluffy tail. I have combined needle felting and sewing. He is five way jointed, arms, legs and head moves, he has an embroidered nose and mouth, waxed whiskers, velvet foot pads and little black eyes, enhanced by a little air brushing. Cornelia Carson stands 5 inches tall and is off to gather his eggs for Easter.

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