Feb 4, 2008

Early Morning

The "dawnsily" light promises a beautiful day. Everywhere is fresh and crisp, and our first large sunflower is already searching for its warmth. We grew these sunflowers from our seeds we buy for bird food. It seems not only do the birds enjoy them, but the passing groups of monkeys too. The other day, after waiting in anticipation for our first sunflower to open, we watched as a monkey tore off the head of the flower and promptly proceeded to eat it. Although these monkeys can be a nuisance, I find their amuzing antics fascinating to watch.
Well I finally can get to show you one of the sunflowers, stretching high above our rooftop.

Here is another photo taken in the early light, a well used chair under a shower for a good resting place on a "hot" day.

This Australian myrtle tree shaped as a topiary, contantly gives a wonderful display with its pompom white flowers and red fruit.

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