Feb 21, 2008

Something from nothing

I love to create something from nothing, nothing in the sense that it is something you would normally throw away. Something that no longer has its use, empty jars, tubs, a broken piece, empty cardboard rolls, broken globes, bits of fabric, selvage ends of fabric, old pieces that have rusted, bottle caps and so on. I have a collection of "nothings", pieces that will suddenly inspire me as to what they want to become. It gives me such satisfaction to put them back into use, to create a make-do.
Are you a "nothing" collector/creator too? Care to share some of your creation?
Here is my latest something from nothing.
Easter pincushion from an empty body butter tub.


Sylvia Anderson said...

What a wonderful idea Lynda! I love this piece...and you'd never know that it was an old jar of cream!

Kristine said...

Hi Lynda!
Kristine from IPDM here!!;-D
I really love your pincushion!
Making great stuff from discarded items is my favorite thing to do too!