Feb 9, 2008

Vintage Flower Garden ......in a demitasse

This describes one of my latest pincushions, a little blue demitasse turned into a vintage flower garden. I love making these! This one has a ring of pale blue vintage flowers and a touch of pink posies with a little vintage bunny pin peeping out.
These are sooo easy to make. Here is what I did.
Find yourself a pretty cup. Add a little stuffing inside cup, to about halfway up and set aside.Draw and cut out a circle of felt, 1 to 2 inches larger than the cup, depending on how high you want the pincushion to end up.
With a strong thread, sew a small running stitch just inside the edge of circle.
Pull up thread until the felt circle fits just inside cup, secure your stitches. Stuff felt circle well, making sure all creases are puffed out and pincushion is firm. When you are happy with the shape, run a thin line of glue around inside edge of cup and turning your felt pincushion "upside down" (open end faces into cup), glue to cup.
Trim around edge of cup/pincushion, decorate top and add a few pins and you will have a pretty pincushion in a cup. Enjoy.
If you're interested in this little pincushion and other items, take a look at my Whimsical Wandering Wednesday.

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