Feb 17, 2008

Sunday Tea

Its such a beautiful day here today, a true summer's day in every sense of the word.
Hubby and I had our sunday morning tea on the deck surrounded by birds and shady trees and ate huge sweet strawberries, juicy grapes, home made shortbread and tea in one of my favourite tea sets for two, Rose Buds.
We also got to see a new bird today while sipping tea, the Violet Woodhoopoe, a fairly large but slender bird, about 40cm, a violet-blue colour from head to tail with a striking orange/red long slender curved beak. Although this bird is fairly common in its area, which is Namibia, it is not often seen where we live. Unfortunately it was not easy to get a picture because of the dense leaf coverage, but wonderful to watch as it vigourously ate some sort of insect in the bark of the tree.

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